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Videos of Jovan (26 Feb 12 and 30 Mar 12)

Has not upload the videos taken on 26 Feb 2012 which is the day Jovan came home. Below are the video of the first day he reach home and today’s video. He started cooing this few days and I happened to video it but he didn’t coo as much as he just started learning how to coo. Maybe in a few weeks he will coo more.


Jovan’s 2nd Day

Doctor says he is improving and doing very well. The tube that was in his nose has been removed but he still can’t drink yet. They say they will feed him on the 3rd day, which is later!

The nurse told me that yesterday night he didn’t get to sleep due to the discomfort of the tube. Now it has been remove, he can sleep comfortably. Guess he’s sleeping now. šŸ™‚

Still can’t carry him yet. Hope that I can carry him later on.

Everybody were saying that he is very handsome, his eyes are very big. Cute little boy.












Baby Jo is here

Baby Jo finally arrive but he is in the ICU now šŸ˜¦ cos he pooped while he was still in me so some of his bowel went into his lungs. Now he need tube to help him breath. So pathetic. Kinda heart pain seeing him like this. But he is so adorable. He weigh 2.8 kg when he’s born and he was delivered at 11.45am.

He really looks like his Daddy. So cute. Get well soon Baby Jo. Mommy and Daddy love you.








~Happy New Year~

Let’s say hi to 2012 and a goodbye to 2011.Ā A new year, a fresh start and it’s also a fresh new blog for me too!

The purpose of creating this blog is to publish every little things about my family and me.

Let me talk about myself a little. I am a blissful girl name Joyce married to my beloved husband Joel (Daddy Jo).

I am currently 32 weeks and 3 days pregnant with a baby boy in me! His name is be Jovan. That’s what makes the Jo family. The name Jovan was decided even before we have him. That was what we want for our baby boy and if it’s a girl, we shall name her Jovanna.

Sweet name isn’t it?

Another 53 days more and Jovan will meet this world. Can’t wait for his arrival. So excited! I can now feel his movement everyday in me. He is super active especially during the night. Ā His every movement makes me smile and feel so blissful but sometime I felt depress due to my weight gain šŸ˜¦ Dah, as long as he is healthy, I shall beĀ contented.

Okay! Let’s talk about what I’ve done today.

Daddy Jo and I walked to HTNS-JOM Clubhouse @ Balestier from Toa Payoh Central to play jackpot. We change 20 bucks to play on the machine and “WHOA”Ā Ā guess what!? we won 270 bucks within a few games and we finish off the rest of the credit we had in the machine or else there should be more.

After playing the jackpot game, we walked back to Toa Payoh Central for shopping which was my planĀ earlier. We bought 4D, which we didn’t strike in the end but almost strike! Sigh. Can’t help when it’s not our luck.

Bought a Sanyo Fuji portableĀ vacuum cleaner for myself at $49.90. (As image below)

Portable vacuum cleaner!

Guess it would be much easier for me to clean up my room with this vacuum cleaner. So that I won’t need to carry the huge and bulky vacuum cleaner from the living room up to my room. Muahaha..

After that, Daddy Jo went to buy breads from cake history home for our relatives. Oh my god!! It’s almost dinner time and Daddy Jo ate 2 breads before having our dinner. That is why his tummy is bigger than mine.. Muahahaha..

~Mommy Jo~
1 January 2012