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Recent kidnapping/abduction cases..

Nowadays it seems to have lots of kidnapping/abduction cases in Singapore.

It was said that a PRC woman attempted to abduct kids even with their parents around. That was so scary. Now I don’t even dare to push my stroller if I’m going out alone. Slinging my baby is much more safer. Even going out with hubby, I also don’t feel ease to push stroller. Like just now, we brought stroller out but didn’t use it, we sling Baby Jo instead.

Some of the articles are real and some are just rumors but not sure which is true and which are fake but the recent “Malay girl being ‘kidnapped’ in Tampines Street 22” happened to be a hoax. The Singapore Police has told the public not to spread ‘unsubstantiated information’ about unverified ‘kidnapping’ of children recently which may cause ‘unnecessary alarm’.

Links to the those articles are as follows:

Recently I also saw another abduction attempt on Facebook which says that the mom was in a bookstore in Ang Mo Kio turned around to put the book back on the shelf, her baby, with the pram disappear when she turned back. (Screenshot as below) Not sure is it true story or just another rumors spreading around just to make parents worried.