Jovan started to smile a lot

Yesterday night Jovan gave me a big smile and he did laugh a bit. He is just so adorable. He just start learning how to smile and now he keep smiling every time we talk to him. He will also answer back by cooing at us.

He is growing every single day. When he was born, he only knows how to cry and sleep but now he knows how to smile and coo. A few more months later, he will learn to sit and crawl. Watching him grow every single day really brings my spirit up. I feel so happy watching him grow.


Videos of Jovan (26 Feb 12 and 30 Mar 12)

Has not upload the videos taken on 26 Feb 2012 which is the day Jovan came home. Below are the video of the first day he reach home and today’s video. He started cooing this few days and I happened to video it but he didn’t coo as much as he just started learning how to coo. Maybe in a few weeks he will coo more.

Jovan’s Full Month Celebration’s photos

Below are the photos of Baby Jo’s full month celebration.

I would also like to thanks those relatives and friends who turn up on that day. Appreciate for your attendance and your gift.

End of Confinement

Today is Baby Jo’s full month and it’s also end of my confinement! I just had a warm shower this morning and it was so damn shiok! After so long I finally can have a nice shower!

I can also have cold drinks now! wow! But my refrigerator has no cold drinks! 😦 Sob Sob..

We are celebrating Jovan’s full month at my house today and food will arrive at about 12 pm. Will upload photos soon! Stay tune!

Oh ya.. I’ve started formula for him since last Saturday as I can’t endure the pain. My nipple cracked and bleed after feeding him and express of milk is so troublesome so I’ve decided to let him go on full formula. He was already on 3 feed of formula yesterday. I’m going to increase to 4 feed today! The only thing now is my boobs hurts! Today is kinda better, yesterday was damn painful that I got to express some out. It’s now as hard as rock. It full of milk! arhh.. I got to endure a few more days ba.. feed also pain.. now stop feeding also pain!! What the hell..

Started latching on

I’ve started to let Baby Jo latch on since yesterday. I find it very troublesome to express it out and feed him. It’s kinda double job so I’ve decided to let him latch on and I did it. Although it’s more convenient but I’m having sore nipples. I don’t understand why. It’s very painful. Tried nipple protector but I find it useless. Sigh. Did he latch on wrongly? I’m not sure too. 😦

Too Busy

Sigh.. Was too busy to even update my blog.. Can’t even have time to rest.. It’s only 15th day, another 13 more days to go. This month is really suffering man.

My Mother-In-Law brew me a bowl of liquor with black chicken or something yesterday and it was awful. I knew it was for my own good sake but I just cannot take it but I still try to finish it as she has brew it for hours.

Now everyone says Baby Jo looks more like me! His looks really changed from the first day compare to now. On the first day, he looks like Daddy Jo but now he looks more like me but  no matter who he looks like he is still so…. adorable!

Oh ya, he pooped on me yesterday while I was changing his diapers and got my clothes and pants full of his poops. Naughty little boy. He likes to pee while changing too and get himself all wet. 🙂 Can’t stand him. lol…

Will update again as soon as I’m free. Kinda busy nowadays and need to have a good rest too. See you guys!

Below are the photos taken in this few days.


This month seems so long!

Baby Jo has been discharge from the hospital last Sunday, 26 Feb 12. He is so adorable!













This month seems so long to me. It is so torturing! I can’t bath, can’t wash my hair, can’t drink plain water (everyday drink milo), can’t eat fruits, everyday eating the same food, can’t even pass motion as my stool to too hard. I can only wipe my body and use dry shampoo to “wash” my hair. Actually I can’t even on the fan nor air-con and I got to wear long sleeves shirt and pants but I really can’t take it. I can’t bath already still got to cover myself up and can’t on the fan! WTF. I just hack care already.

I didn’t get to sleep yesterday cos I try to let Baby Jo latch on yesterday night and he to 1 and a half hour to drink! By the time he fall asleep is already 3 am. He woke up again at 4 am cos he’s hungry again. Daddy Jo got to wake up at 5 am for work and I got to wake him up cos he is a deep sleeper.

7 am, Baby Jo wake up again due to wet diaper (oh he pee while I wash changing and he got himself all wet).

After changing I got to prepare his milk again as his next drinking time is 8 am.

After feeding him, I need to wash up and I was stuck in the toilet due to hard stool (every morning and night I will stuck in the toilet to pass motion as it was too hard to push out and it seems like never ending).

After washing up then I have the time to blog. Phew! It was quite tourturing.

I guess my hard stool is cause by those confinement food. It is too heaty and I can’t eat fruits and can’t drink plain water.

How I wish time pass faster. I want to have a good bath and good food after this month!