Had neglected the blog for quite some time. No time to on the computer so didn’t update.

Many things happen in this period while I stop blogging.

7th May 2012 – Joel’s sister (my sis-in-law) complaint that I have been closing my room door very loudly and scare her up from her sleep. What the F***! I didn’t slam the door, how loud can it be? My baby was in my room and he wasn’t scare, I don’t see any point that I could scare her from her sleep by shutting my door NORMALLY. I was so pissed of at that time.

14th May  2012 – Brought Mummy and family to Novena’s Korean BBQ for belated Mother’s Day dinner. That really cost me a bomb for 7 people! The same day, that bloody hell complaint again! Now she even stick Velcro on my door so my door will be on silent mode! F**k sia. Jovan didn’t wake up in the middle of the night for milk already how would I wake her up now? Does she have Paranoia or what? Sigh. How to live with this kinda of people?

23rd May 2012- Jovan went for his first vaccine jab and got a fever at night.

24th May 2012 – Jovan learns to roll from tummy to back.
click here to watch video

26th May 2012 – Jovan learns to roll from back to tummy!
click here to watch video

27th May 2012 – Brought Jovan to NSRCC chalet. Celebrating Grandpa’s birthday!

29th May 2012 – Aunt came from Hong Kong and we fetch her from Airport.

1st June 2012 (Today) – I went to Compass point myself for shopping and bought a potty for Jovan. Damn cute! (Image as below) I also bought a teething toy for him as he seems to love biting his milk bottle’s nipple nowadays. Bought a dress for myself too!


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