Editing Grandpa’s Birthday video

Woah. It takes me days to edit a video because there are too many errors. In the end I realize I accidentally trim away a wanted scene! Sigh. I give up. I’m not going to edit anymore. Just let it be. Nothing special about that scene so I’ll just leave it this way and I think it’s almost perfect.




Had neglected the blog for quite some time. No time to on the computer so didn’t update.

Many things happen in this period while I stop blogging.

7th May 2012 – Joel’s sister (my sis-in-law) complaint that I have been closing my room door very loudly and scare her up from her sleep. What the F***! I didn’t slam the door, how loud can it be? My baby was in my room and he wasn’t scare, I don’t see any point that I could scare her from her sleep by shutting my door NORMALLY. I was so pissed of at that time.

14th May  2012 – Brought Mummy and family to Novena’s Korean BBQ for belated Mother’s Day dinner. That really cost me a bomb for 7 people! The same day, that bloody hell complaint again! Now she even stick Velcro on my door so my door will be on silent mode! F**k sia. Jovan didn’t wake up in the middle of the night for milk already how would I wake her up now? Does she have Paranoia or what? Sigh. How to live with this kinda of people?

23rd May 2012- Jovan went for his first vaccine jab and got a fever at night.

24th May 2012 – Jovan learns to roll from tummy to back.
click here to watch video

26th May 2012 – Jovan learns to roll from back to tummy!
click here to watch video

27th May 2012 – Brought Jovan to NSRCC chalet. Celebrating Grandpa’s birthday!

29th May 2012 – Aunt came from Hong Kong and we fetch her from Airport.

1st June 2012 (Today) – I went to Compass point myself for shopping and bought a potty for Jovan. Damn cute! (Image as below) I also bought a teething toy for him as he seems to love biting his milk bottle’s nipple nowadays. Bought a dress for myself too!

Talkative Jovan

Jovan is getting more and more talkative nowadays. He is just so adorable. He tries to imitate what we does but he still can’t do it. So funny and cute. Mommy and Daddy love you!

Jovan started to smile a lot

Yesterday night Jovan gave me a big smile and he did laugh a bit. He is just so adorable. He just start learning how to smile and now he keep smiling every time we talk to him. He will also answer back by cooing at us.

He is growing every single day. When he was born, he only knows how to cry and sleep but now he knows how to smile and coo. A few more months later, he will learn to sit and crawl. Watching him grow every single day really brings my spirit up. I feel so happy watching him grow.

Recent kidnapping/abduction cases..

Nowadays it seems to have lots of kidnapping/abduction cases in Singapore.

It was said that a PRC woman attempted to abduct kids even with their parents around. That was so scary. Now I don’t even dare to push my stroller if I’m going out alone. Slinging my baby is much more safer. Even going out with hubby, I also don’t feel ease to push stroller. Like just now, we brought stroller out but didn’t use it, we sling Baby Jo instead.

Some of the articles are real and some are just rumors but not sure which is true and which are fake but the recent “Malay girl being ‘kidnapped’ in Tampines Street 22” happened to be a hoax. The Singapore Police has told the public not to spread ‘unsubstantiated information’ about unverified ‘kidnapping’ of children recently which may cause ‘unnecessary alarm’.

Links to the those articles are as follows:

Recently I also saw another abduction attempt on Facebook which says that the mom was in a bookstore in Ang Mo Kio turned around to put the book back on the shelf, her baby, with the pram disappear when she turned back. (Screenshot as below) Not sure is it true story or just another rumors spreading around just to make parents worried.

Videos of Jovan (26 Feb 12 and 30 Mar 12)

Has not upload the videos taken on 26 Feb 2012 which is the day Jovan came home. Below are the video of the first day he reach home and today’s video. He started cooing this few days and I happened to video it but he didn’t coo as much as he just started learning how to coo. Maybe in a few weeks he will coo more.

Jovan’s Full Month Celebration’s photos

Below are the photos of Baby Jo’s full month celebration.

I would also like to thanks those relatives and friends who turn up on that day. Appreciate for your attendance and your gift.